We buy fabrics in bulk meaning that we can hold your chosen fabric in stock and reduce the overall costings of your order without having to compromise on quality – a saving that we proudly pass on to our customers as part of our excellent service!


Within our range of upholstery fabrics, we have over 500 different colours, patterns, materials and textures to choose from. All of our upholstery fabrics are BS EN 5852:2006 approved, meaning that they are suitable for domestic uses within the home as well as caravan upholstery. For pubs or other commercial applications, please give us a call to discuss our range of BS 7176: 2007 AL:2011 approved fabrics, suitable for non-domestic applications.


With our expert fitting service, all of our upholstery services come with quality guaranteed and due to our dedication to offer customers the lowest possible price, at the Cushion and Curtain Centre, we assure customers that they will be receiving the best service at the best price within the area.


The Atlanta Collection


The Atlanta Collection consists of two beautiful, coloured, simplistic floral designs that can be paired together with a matching plain fabric. The colour range includes dark cream, a deep red, a dusk blue and a rustic green to suit any preference.


Pattern: Two floral patterns with a matching plain

Colour: Cream, red, green and blue colours options

Range: 2 designs, 5 colours

Composition: 42% Acrylic, 37% Polyester, 21% Viscose

The Bari Collection


The Bari Collection is an elegant coloured collection of Jacquard chenilles. With three fabric designs to choose, from all over floral, trellis or coordinating plain and six light, warm colours. The Bari range is a fashionable and stylish fabric option.


Pattern: One floral pattern with matching criss-cross and plain designs

Colour: Cream, green, yellow, orange, red and stone colour options

Range: 3 designs, 6 colours

Composition: 41% Acrylic, 31% Polyester, 28% Cotton

The Romano Collection


The Romano collection is made up of stylish allover designs that can be paired with a traditional motif or stripe option. With three designs and seven colours to choose from, the Romano fabric range is a sophisticated collection.


Pattern: An all over floral design, complimented by a stripe and motif patterns

Colour: Including red, purple, cream, black and blue colour options

Range: 3 designs, 7 colours

Composition: Mixture of Polyester and Cotton per design.

The Boston Collection


The Boston Collection is a chenille fabric, available with elegant, coloured, fluid floral designs that can be complemented with matching plain coloured fabrics to create a perfect combination.


Pattern: Two floral patterns with a matching plain

Colour: Cream, red, green and yellow colour options

Range: 2 designs, 4 colours

Composition: 45% Polyester, 42% Acrylic, 13% Viscose

The Camden Floral Collection


The Camden Floral Collection is a soft, chenille fabric with a beautiful, coloured floral design. Available with a complimenting plain or leaf design in six bright, bold colours.


Pattern: An all over floral and leaf pattern and matching plain

Colour: Including cream, blue and pale pink colour options

Range: 1 design, 6 colours

Composition: 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton

The Camden Collection


The Camden Collection is perfect for general upholstery, with eleven colours to choose from including plush green, vibrant yellow or vivid grey, there will be a colour to suit any decor.

The Camden Patchwork Collection


The Camden Patchwork Collection is a simplistic, soft chenille range. Light teal green, mustard yellow or maroon are just a few of the plush colours available.


Pattern: Patchwork pattern

Colour: Cream, red, yellow and blue colour options

Range: 1 design, 6 colours

Composition: 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton

The Carnaby Collection


The Carnaby Collection is a simple, plain range available in a vast range of colours to suit a variety of upholstery options.


Pattern: Plain

Colour: Orange, cream, brown, blue and black colours options

Range: 3 designs, 14 colours

Composition: 49% Acylric, 39% Polyester, 12% Viscose

The Chartwell Collection


The Chartwell Collection consists of two designs in a variety of colours. With a traditional diamond design and a complementing plain fabric. Together, they create a classic combination.


Pattern: An all over diamond design, complimented by a plain design

Colour: Red, cream, white, blue and green colour options

Range: 2 designs, 12 colours

Composition: Diamond: 50% Polyester, 40% Acrylic, 10% Cotton Plain: 45% Polyester, 45% Acrylic, 10% Cotton

The Portobello Collection


The Portobello Collection is a highly versatile fabric. With five different designs to choose from and fourteen colours available this is a universal fabric that can suit many different decors.


Pattern: Patchwork, cord and matching plain patterns

Colour: Cream, orange, green, red, blue colour options

Range: 5 designs, 14 colours

Composition: Mixture of Acrylic, Polyester and Viscose per design

The Coniston Collection


The Coniston Collection is a traditional chenille fabric with subtle fluid pattern designs. With a plain option to accompany the patterned fabric, this range is a classic upholstery choice.


Pattern: An all over floral, stripes and patchwork designs with a matching plain

Colour: Including red, cream, brown, blue and green colour options

Range: 5 designs, 10 colours

Composition: 42% Polycotton, 38% Polyester, 20% Cotton

The Opera Collection


The Opera Collection is a traditional patterned chenille fabric. Available in a beautiful, soft pastel pink and other subtle colours, this collection is a highly appealing and eye catching fabric option.


Pattern: An all over floral design, with a matching plain option

Colour: Including pale pink, white, green and yellow colour options

Range: 3 designs, 4 colours

Composition: 51% Acrylic Chenille, 40% Polyester, 9% Cotton

The Soho Collection


The Soho Collection is a highly multi-purpose range available in simple designs from a pebble, patchwork or a lattice pattern and a vast range of classic colours.


Pattern: Pebble, patchwork and plain pattern choices

Colour: Cream, brown, red and blue colour options

Range: 4 designs, 16 colours

Composition: 44% Polyester, 38% Acrylic, 10% Viscose, 8% Cotton

The Virginia Collection


The Virginia Collection is a beautiful, classic fabric range. Different combinations of the fabric can create either a more traditional or modern look to suit any preference.


Pattern: Overall floral design with a complimenting plaid and plain pattern

Colour: Cream and red colour options

Range: 3 designs, 5 colours

Composition: 41% Acrylic, 39% Polyester, 20% Viscose

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