Lace or net curtains were introduced in the 1700s as a way of increasing privacy in the home. With intricate, woven designs, these curtains were praised for their beautiful decorative patterns as well their ability to offer privacy from the outside without restricting vision or daylight from inside the property. Traditionally used by the middle classes and produced by costly wool, silk or cotton, net curtains were seen as a luxury item that the working classes could not afford. However, due to advances in technology, modern electronic machinery can create infinite lace designs at a much lower cost – making net curtains available for a much wider market.


A modern alternative to the traditional net curtains are woven voiles which can either sit alone or alongside curtains. These voiles are often the same size as curtains – filling the entire length of the window and made wider the than the window to allow the fabric to drape when the net curtain is closed.


Whether you are looking for traditional net curtains or more a contemporary design, the Cushion and Curtain Centre have a selection of net curtains available.

Our Net Curtains Collection:


Biba Net Curtain - A contemporary, stylish, wavy design with gradient detail.


Alto Net Curtain - A contemporary, regular, stacked square design.


Cadiz Net Curtain - A more traditional net curtain with a fine, all over, botanical pattern.


Bruges Net Curtain - A traditional and elegant, scroll leaf design.


Plain Lead Weight Net Curtain - A stylish plain, net curtain design

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